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Photo by Sonya Olivier.

Photography is one of those things that have always fascinated me. When you take a really stunning photo it stays with you for a while and you truly feel that you have created art. You might forget about it and rediscover it at some later stage and you will be inspired by the same photo again. In this lays the passion of photography, the desire to create something unique. I love everything about photos: looking at photos, sharing photos, editing the photos, taking photos, sometimes even being in the photos… I would drive for hours just to go take photos that I have never taken before, or wait till dark to try something new.

I specialise in wedding photography as I first realised that I would like to be a wedding photographer on my wedding day. I love the fact that weddings are unique and no matter how you try you cannot re-create your wedding day. And although weddings have the same elements – no two weddings are ever really the same.

I also love the fun of trash the dress shoots and the unknown of a groom and bride jumping in a swimming pool or lake on impulse.

By day I work in a project management environment and the people skills I need for work is invaluable for a wedding photographer. I am married to the awesomest  husband and have 3 huskies. I love to travel and my favourite place is Scotland.


There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk. Charles Dickens ~


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